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I create new relationships between governments, organisations and people. Key principles are more civic participation and social initiatives with more perspective for end users. But also less top-down practices by the authorities and fewer bumps due to legislation and rules.

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Email and phone +31 652 653 005. Here you find my CV and LinkedIn profiel.

Advice, projects and programs

How do authorities act on civic participation? Which opportunities are there for initiatives from society? How do we create powerful neighbourhoods and villages? Can everyone really join and participate? I support and work on these issues as a policy advisor, project leader or programme manager.

Trainings and guidance

How do residents and entrepreneurs gain more ownership of their environment? What does open government mean both for citizens and for governments? What about legislation and regulations, risks, safety and liability? My support on such questions involves roles as a trainer, a teacher, a discussion leader or a supervisor.

Interim activities

What does DIY actually mean for your organization and employees? How do you determine a realistic course when it comes to more civic participation? I support here as a policy advisor, a project leader, a programme manager on an interim basis.

What about liability for citizens' initiatives?

Work activities

Current assignments

  • Interim advisor Civil Participation (2018) at municipality Landerd
  • Advisor Policy plan for Zorgcooperatie Reek (2018)
  • Project manager Sustainable Mobility Diepenveen (2016 – now) for the Province of Overijssel
  • Teacher SBO training District and Area Manager, section Forces & Civil Participation
  • Trainer JS Consultancy for the section Civil Participation for various training courses

Afgeronde opdrachten (verkort)

  • Interim advisor Civil Participation (2017 – 2018) for BMC Yacht at municipality Landerd
  • Chairman Meet & Greet event ‘Volunteers meet Council members’ for the Registry of Municipality of Landerd (2018)
  • Project leader Participatory approach to the future of Ootmarsum swimming pool De Kuiperberg (2017 – 2018) for the municipality of Dinkelland
  • Process supervisor BOOG (2016) for Learning and Expertise point Open Government (LEOO)
  • Workshop leader Liability for citizens’ initiatives (2017) for the municipality of Rhenen
  • Project Leader Civil Initiatives and Liability Research (2012-2014) for the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations – published as “Regel die Burgerinitiatieven” (NL only)
  • Chairman of the Day Conference Mijn Stad in Beweging, Schiedam (2017) for Acquire Publishing
  • Discussion leader of the Small Initiatives Evening (2017) for the municipality of Gouda/VIP and the GoudApot Foundation
  • Instructor Knowledge Day Participation (2016) for Speeltuinwerk Limburg and Speelplan Almere
  • Workshop supervisor “De Aaibaarheid voorbij”, LPB congress Tilburg (2015)
  • Discussion leader Focus groups Recalibration public transport strategy for the town of Raalte and the villages Bathmen, Lettele, Okkenbroek (2015) for the Province of Overijssel
  • Workshop leader Liability for citizens’ initiatives for KISS-Oost (2015)
  • Trainer Orientation Day for Alifa Team East (2015)
  • Project Manager Community houses Stichtse Vecht (2012-2013)
  • Advisor Artists group Werkplaats K, Kerkrade (2012)
  • District Manager municipality of Stichtse Vecht (2012)
  • Project Manager Civil Participation In-Company Programme Municipality of Twenterand (2011-2012)
  • Advisor for Citizens Participation Pilot project Swimming Pools Municipality of Twenterand (2011-2012)

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