Here you will find an overview of my activities

Current assignments

  • Interim advisor Civil Participation (2018) at municipality of Landerd
  • Advisor Policy plan for Zorgcooperatie Reek (2018)
  • Project manager Sustainable Mobility Diepenveen (2016 – now) for the Province of Overijssel
  • Teacher SBO training District and Area Manager, section Forces & Civil Participation
  • Trainer JS Consultancy for the section Civil Participation for various training courses

Completed assignments (summarized)

  • Interim advisor Civil Participation (2017 – 2018) for BMC Yacht at municipality of Landerd
  • Chairman Meet & Greet event ‘Volunteers meet Council members’ for the Registry of Municipality of Landerd (2018)
  • Project leader Participatory approach to the future of Ootmarsum swimming pool De Kuiperberg (2017 – 2018) for the municipality of Dinkelland
  • Process supervisor BOOG (2016) for Learning and Expertise point Open Government (LEOO)
  • Workshop leader Liability for citizens’ initiatives (2017) for the municipality of Rhenen
  • Project Leader Civil Initiatives and Liability Research (2012-2014) for the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations – published as “Regel die Burgerinitiatieven” (NL only)
  • Chairman of the Day Conference Mijn Stad in Beweging, Schiedam (2017) for Acquire Publishing
  • Discussion leader of the Small Initiatives Evening (2017) for the municipality of Gouda/VIP and the GoudApot Foundation
  • Instructor Knowledge Day Participation (2016) for Speeltuinwerk Limburg and Speelplan Almere
  • Invited speaker IADIS e-Society, Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal (2016), with professor Piet Kommer (UT, Enschede) and Menno Both (Both Social, Enschede) on The Gov indicator
  • Project Manager Civil Participation (2015 – 2016) for Falco B.V. Vriezeveen
  • Workshop supervisor “De Aaibaarheid voorbij”, LPB congress Tilburg (2015)
  • Discussion leader Focus groups Recalibration public transport strategy for the town of Raalte and the villages Bathmen, Lettele, Okkenbroek (2015) for the Province of Overijssel
  • Workshop leader Liability for citizens’ initiatives for KISS-Oost (2015)
  • Trainer Orientation Day for Alifa Team East (2015)
  • Trainer Course Liability at Civil Initiatives (2015) for municipalities of Etten-Leur, Aalburg and Halderberge, with Maarten Bosman (Dutchplanners)
  • Speaker on Citizens’ initiatives at Minisymposium ‘From emptiness to quality of life. About ‘Pauzelandschappen en leegstaand vastgoed’ (2015), for the Province of Zeeland
  • Project participation EU Open Government in Europe (2014-2015), with Universiteit Twente and Both Social
  • Co-organizer IADIS MCCSIS workshop COMMON RESEARCH GROUND IN SOCIAL INNOVATION Prague with Pat van der Jagt (Alterra) (2013)
  • Project Manager Community houses Stichtse Vecht (2012-2013)
  • Advisor Artists group Werkplaats K, Kerkrade (2012)
  • District Manager municipality of Stichtse Vecht (2012)
  • MFA-Lab Project Leader Development Group “MFA’s & HNW” (2011-2012)
  • Project Manager Civil Participation In-Company Programme Municipality of Twenterand (2011-2012)
  • Advisor for Citizens Participation Pilot project Swimming Pools Municipality of Twenterand (2011-2012)
  • Co-author paper On Diversity in the Periphery (2011) for Conference Shrinkage in Europe (University of Amsterdam & OECD/COST Action) with Maarten Bosman and Bernadette Jansen
  • Co-auteur paper Shrinkage and culture as a tool to counteract it (2011) for Conference Shrinkage in Europe (University of Amsterdam & OECD/COST Action) with Yvonne Rijpers
  • Advisor Town plans municipality of Breukelen (2010) for AOV Advice