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Please find here information about my workshops, trainings and lectures, focused on various aspects of civic participation, social initiatives and the civil society.

A. The Liability Quiz – NEW !

It’s a good thing that residents themselves become active and get to work on their initiatives, but is it safe? Who will be responsible for the claims if things go wrong? Municipalities and other (social) associations are struggling with the delicate balance between leaving things alone vs restricting rules and regulations when it comes to social initiatives. What about the available know-how and expertise of your personnel? The Liability Quiz combines manageable legal knowledge about safety, damages and liabilities with the current practice of citizens’ initiatives. The quiz method appears to be an excellent instrument to get acquainted with the huge number of legal laws and regulations.

The Liability Quiz lasts two hours and is mainly carried out in-company. In order to properly execute this method, it is necessary that the client provides at least two of his own cases. The total costs are € 750.00 per organization, excluding 21% VAT and excluding disbursements.

B. Introduction course ‘Civil initiatives and liability’.

Special half-day training, focused on exchanging knowledge about processes and legal issues such as risks and liability in citizens’ initiatives. During the training, the participants will also be given an opportunity to discuss their own practice, which has been provided in advance. Guideline is to make it significantly easier for citizens to start their own activities. It is also possible to extend the introduction with one half day. Participants work in groups under professional supervision on actual solutions for their own practice and cases. The cost of the training for professionals is € 495.00 per part of the day, excluding 21% VAT. Residents, volunteers and initiators are charged € 50.00 per person, excluding 21% VAT. Participants receive the book “Regel die Burgerinitiatieven” free of charge.

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The training is also in-company, both in the form of one half day and two half days. Of course the employees’ own practice is the central focus. For this purpose, it is necessary to first have a preliminary intake interview and the organization provides as many cases as possible in advance, in any case at least 3 cases. The in-company course costs € 2,000.00 per half-day, excluding 21% VAT and excluding travel expenses. Participants also receive a free copy of the book “Regel die Burgerinitiatieven”. Are you interested as an organization? Click here.

C. Book “Regel die Burgerinitiatieven” (NL only)

As a result of the Dutch ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations investigation ‘Civil Initiatives and Liability’ (2013), the book can be ordered from Acquire Publishing, Zwolle by sending an email to The book costs € 25,00 excluding shipping costs.

D. Presentation ‘Regel die Burgerinitiatieven’

Short interactive presentation about the main results of the rapport ‘Regel die Burgerinitiatieven’, for municipalities and other organizations. The presentation will last one hour and will cost € 200 per organization, excluding 21% VAT and excluding travel expenses. For groups of residents and volunteers only travel costs are charged. For more information click here.

E. Working in the Participation Room – Learning trajectory and training

Learning trajectory and trainings in the form of a Community of Practice (CoP) that aims to stimulate and strengthen citizens’ initiatives and social activities. Total time is 6 working days. The topics covered include:

  • Types of citizens’ initiatives, in public space and in social domain;
  • A basic legal understanding of risks, damage and liability, both for municipalities and for citizens’ initiatives;
  • Obligation of care and safety in the case of citizens’ initiatives;
  • Professionalization of risk assessment for citizens’ initiatives;
  • Risk Rule Reflex mechanisms (RRR) in the field of dealing with citizens’ initiatives;
  • Simplifying current tools such as contracts, permits, procedures and protocols;
  • Researching and designing new instruments, such as the Civil Initiatives Regulation and regulation-free zones and themes;
  • Thinking about the role of communication and relationship management in citizens’ initiatives;
  • Competencies, skills and resources for professionals;
  • The role of the city council with respect to citizens’ initiatives;

The Participation Room is very suitable for governments, social organizations and active citizens who dare to embark on a joint exploration to achieve demonstrable more and stronger citizens’ initiatives. Between the monthly meetings there is ample opportunity to apply the acquired know-how and insights directly, so please keep in mind the intermediate homework.

The costs of the Participation Room are € 495.00 per half day per person, excluding 21% VAT and excluding expenses. Volunteer groups are charged a rate of € 50.00 per half day per person, excluding 21& VAT and excluding expenses. For each participant a copy of the book “Regel die Burgerinitiatieven” is available free of charge. The sessions are alternately held in Deventer, Arnhem and Zwolle (NL). For further information about the Participation Room and registrations, please click here.

The Participation Room is also very appropriate for an in-company program of at least three half-days. In addition to the topics mentioned above, exercises and lessons to be learned are closely linked to the tasks and developments of both the organization and the individual employees. Therefore, an extensive intake interview will first be held. The costs of the in company Participation Room amount to € 1,000.00 per half day, excluding 21% VAT and excluding out-of-pocket expenses.

If this method of learning is of interest to your organization or if you would like to receive additional information, please indicate this here.

F. Course “The Active Civil Society: what impact does that have on me and my organization?

Practical one-day orientation course ( two half-day sessions) on the Active Civil Society and the consequences of social initiatives for companies, social institutes and authorities. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Overview of types of social initiatives;
  • New collectives and your organization;
  • Citizens as clients;
  • Citizens’ initiatives, the market and laws, frameworks and procedures;
  • Opportunities and first strategies for your organization.

The orientation course is only offered on request or in-company. The required group size is 10 to 12 persons. The costs of the course are € 4,500.00 per organization, excluding 21% VAT and excluding expenses. An intake interview is required and part of the course.

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